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Membership Opens Soon!


Online Membership- Access Details Emailed.

WAITLIST- Bridging Science of Reading Research to Practice Membership

Bridge The Science of Reading Research to Practice in YOUR classroom--The Community! Cancel at any time...and just start where you are! This Membership will open soon!

WAITLIST- Bridging Science of Reading Research to Practice Membership
WAITLIST- Bridging Science of Reading Research to Practice Membership

Time & Location

Membership Opens Soon!

Online Membership- Access Details Emailed.

About the Event

PLEASE JOIN THE WAITLIST! Do you want to stay up-to-date with Reading Science research and how to practically apply it in your classroom? you just want to learn exactly what the research says and how it might look in your classroom when you are ready to get started? There's so much great information (and noise) out there and it can be hard understanding how it applies to your classroom instruction. Teaching reading should NEVER feel like a mystery...but, too often, it does. I can relate, I...have...been...there!   

If I told you there are tried and true, researched and evidence-based reading practices that can simplify your instruction, and most importantly, truly move the needle for students in a big way...would you try it, would you want to at least learn more about it? That's what I'm here for! I'm going to help you get started implementing Reading Science research right where you are!  

Reading Science research is simply years and years of "settled science", which is researched and evidence based teaching strategies that are proven to get the most kids reading....and the best news is, is that it's good for ALL kids, including high achievers!'s worth putting in a little time each month to learn.  As we know better, we teach better...and kids win! 

There's an abundance of Reading Science research out there but often it just doesn't make it into the hands of classroom teachers for a variety of reasons.  When it does, the "what" is explained, but the "how" is often missing. Understandably, there's lots of confusion around how to piece it all together and apply it in a meaningful and practical way. Let's change that. 

In this monthly membership, Bridging Science of Reading Research to Classroom Practice, I will share Reading Science research through monthly book and article reviews,  provide trainings and actionable implementation steps, instructional rountines, classroom resources that can be implemented immmediately, live literacy coaching calls via Zoom, and curriculum suggestions. The fee is only $20 because I want to get this into the hands of as many teachers as possible.  The fee will help cover my basic expenses of the membership and resources.  You can cancel at any time and you will have access to everything in the membership when you join. 

As a principal, former instructional coach and teacher, I realize educators are swamped and don't typically have time to peruse current and relevant Reading Science research on a regular basis. Researching, learning, teaching and sharing with educators to better serve more children is truly one of my passions...nerdy, I know, but it's the truth!  As a literacy consultant and principal, I'm an avid researcher and practitioner, and I love helping educators better serve students by streamlining their literacy instruction! It's truly a huge job, especially since we've lost precious instructional time over the past several years.  Providing strategic, intentional, focused AND ENGAGING instruction is a must! I've done the homework for you and I'm excited to share practical, current and ENGAGING researched and evidence based practices with you each month.  No more "throwing spaghetti at the wall" and hoping it sticks.  THERE IS AN EASIER WAY...and it does not have to be boring! 

Each month the membership will include a master class focused on a (high demand) targeted reading science topic, a corresponding classroom resource and guide, a Q & A live (and recorded) coaching collaboration call, an educational SOR book review, and a private Facebook group for paid members to collaborate throughout the month. We also have guest speakers sprinkled in along the way. 

This membership will include content each month that will focus on relevant research in the areas of: phonological awareness (and phonemic awareness), phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, speaking and listening and more!  

The following list provides examples of topics to be included: 

-Literacy Block Planning

-Tiered Instruction and Tiered Assessments (Universal Screeners & Diagnostics), MTSS

-Phonological Awareness & PA Explicit Instructional Routines

-Phonics & Phonics Instructional Routines

-Orthographic Mapping

-High Frequency Word Instruction

-Fluency & Fluency Instructional Routines

-Vocabulary & Vocabulary Instructional Routines

-Comprehension & Comprehension Instructional Routines

-Read Alouds/Mentor Texts with Authentic Texts- Reading Science based Instructional Routines

-Mentor Texts (Authentic Texts)- Grab and Go Lessons

-Intervention Planning and Delivery

-Common Core Literacy Anchor Standards Training

-Explicit Instruction

-Gradual Release Model

-Small Group Instruction

-Book Reviews/Book Studies of Reading Science Educational Books

-Reading Science Best Practices- Teaching Strategies

...And more! 

The content in the membership is responsive.  If members have questions about specific topics, I will provide research and resources on those topics as well in the upcoming months.  

This is a very affordable membership ($20 per month) and is meant to help teachers get the Science of Reading research in their hands quickly and in a way that's easy to understand so that it may be applied quickly! Implementing strategies that will get the most kids reading, the quickest, is our mission!  

Please email me with any questions regarding the content or the membership! I hope to meet you soon! 


*You many cancel your membership at any time.  Refunds will not be applicable since all resources are available upon registering.  However, you may cancel before being charged the upcoming month. 

Michael Singletary

Literacy Consultant & Coach, Principal Teacher Co. 

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