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Treat...Every...Single...Day...As....Your...Interview. It’s true. That's my best advice!

If you’re considering moving into a school leadership role such as an academic coach, instructional coach, assistant principal, or principal, please read on for a few of my thoughts.

You must think of every single day as your interview. Your work ethic, attitude, willingness to support others, daily leadership and decision making in the small all matters. The small things matter in big ways.

The actual 30-45 minute interview is just the tip of the iceberg. You have to show up with a leader mindset now.

First of all, you need to know that YOU DON’T NEED AN OFFICIAL TITLE TO LEAD. Especially now...more than ever. Here's where you start...consider the needs in your school or district right now and find a way to help and become part of the solution. Do not sit in negativity, this solves nothing! Leaders show compassion and they're always living in the land of solutions. You have to start thinking that way now.

You don’t have to wait on your administrators to provide your PD. "Google University" can be the best PD. Research and learn on your own and then use the information to help your students as well as other teachers. With the current technology available, there's no good excuse to stay "stuck" or stagnant in your professional development. When you start looking, you will find that there are so many educators out there sharing all the information you will ever need for free!

Share, share, share! We are all on the same team and there’s enough room for everyone at the top. In the areas you’ve already found success as an educator, help other teachers find that same success. Teach other teachers how to replicate your same success, without being asked. All students deserve to get "that" teacher, so help other teachers become "that" teacher!

Administrators are instructional leaders no matter their background! Once you agree to step into the leadership role, it must become your business to learn best practices in multiple subject areas. You don't have to be the expert, but you must be willing to learn. Begin by leading in your own classroom or grade level before ever thinking about leading an entire school or team. Learn as much as you can about the various programs offered at your school or within your district. You don’t have to learn all at once, just start. If you know you're weak in a specific area, start learning.

Provide PD. Offer your classroom as a model classroom for new teachers or if you're already a coach, consider starting coaching cycles. Record yourself teaching and share it. You could create your own Google Classroom (or use the learning management system you're comfortable with) and start sharing your own training resources. This will also serve as a great portfolio later if you decide to apply for a leadership role. Consider becoming a mentor in your area of expertise now and become a guide on the side. Get comfortable speaking in front of groups and communicating with everyone! Communication is...KEY!

Lastly, start to look at all situations through the lens of a school leader. Watch and learn! Be don't know everything and I say that with love. I love the saying that if you're the smartest person in the room, find a new room. You will need to get really good at asking for help and delegating. Realizing your own strengths and weaknesses as well, as in those around you, is crucial. Start asking questions and consider how you might solve certain issues. Your daily attitude and work ethic right now reflects your leadership style.

Start letting people know your goals. Put it out there. Ask how you can serve as a leader in your current role. I promise you, good administrators will want to pour into their teacher leaders!

This is where you start. Start thinking like a leader now, because you already are a leader.

Teacher leaders always make the best administrators!

Developing your leadership skills starts NOW, not when you begin to prep for the interview.

What questions do you have about becoming a school leader? Please send me your feedback!

If you would like to work with me individually or with a small group to prepare for a new school leadership role, I'm happy to help! Please contact me using the link below to set up a free coffee chat to discuss your goals and how I can help!

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